Rose Lodge Equine Supply

Equine Tack Materials

Our tack is made out of high quality, long-lasting leather and synthetic materials. For more information on some of the materials we use, please read below.

"Yacht" Rope

I use the term "Yacht Rope" in the context of its intended use for "Natural Horseman" Principles - most clinicians prefer the weight and feel of a double braided rope, and each has preferences to the type of double braid (DB) they use. For my purposes, I use a medium weight (polypropylene / nylon 5/8") rope for my mecate. It still gives him the instant release from pressure that is so desirable and effective in NH type training methods. The action of a braid inside a separate braid moving against each other is what creates the action and feel that is different than single braid rope.

I use DB Polyester (heaviest, and most abrasion resistant, one example is Samson EQ), or DB Polypropylene over Nylon, (medium weight, softer and not as firm as the polyester double braids) for creating my reins and mecates. For most of my eye spliced leads and rope halters, I use Columbia Basin Knot Co., a consistent quality supplier.

I don't use single braid "POLY" rope for my yacht rope reins, unless specified. This single braid polypropylene, also known as "Derby" rope, is used in regular lead ropes. It is lighter weight, and has less action than a double braided rope. But it is soft, long lasting, and very economical!

About SAMSON EQ rope..

Samson EQ is a double braided POLYESTER rope specifically made for the horse industry. The 1/2" diameter Samson EQ ropes I use are thicker than other brands of 1/2" ropes. Samson EQ 1/2" ropes measure more like 9/16". Tuff tack, and other ropes are a true 1/2" rope, and are a little thinner than Samson EQ.

Samson Gold n Braid is a double braided NYLON rope that is commercially available from marine supply stores, among other places. Clinton Anderson is the ONLY one that has goldnbraid color in a SAMSON EQ (DB Polyester) rope. The ONLY Samson EQ colors are Black, Black w Blue Tracer, Pink, and Purple. Samson does have other kinds rope (not necessarily PE) in different colors.

The difference between Polyester (PE) and Polypropylene (PP)

Parelli and Clinton Anderson both use DB POLYESTER. Polyester is heavier, denser, and generally has a nice, soft sheen to it... and usually costs more. Polypropylene is a economy rope, lighter weight, even when double braided.

I don't use DB Polypropylene, it is just too light. I do use Polypropylene over Nylon, which makes a nice, medium weight rope. It makes good loop reins, but DB POLYESTER is probably the best choice for mecates and long lines, as it is the most abrasion resistant when coming in contact with the ground, and has the best "feel".


Below are color charts of our most popular ropes:

Color Chart

Color Chart

As you can see, the tracers in the ropes offer a light highlight that add a touch of style. The difference is subtle, but for some, preferred.